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Perfect Little Planner


"I feel in control of every aspect."

I was given your book by a friend. As I had a top wedding planner, I set it aside with the stacks of other books and let him do his thing. At the most recent planning meeting, I realized everything was wrong - he hadn't been executing my vision - but his. I fired him and with 2 months left to go, I started going through the stack of books - none made sense in terms of what, how, and when I was supposed to do something. I then came across the Perfect Little Planner and read every page - in doing so, I found so many items that he hadn't done and I didn't know about. I started from planning from scratch and my entire wedding is based on Perfect Little Planner Romantic - its coming along beautifully and I feel in control of every aspect. 

- Amal, New York City

  {Budget: $150k+}


'PLP saved my wedding, I wish it was an app!'


I was using an App and didn't feel like I was getting anything done and really didn't feel like I had a grasp on things. I really haven't found one that includes the myriad elements of a wedding and the associated events. I follow PLP on Instagram and their posts always had really good advice. I got the book and it saved my life - and my wedding. I wish it was an app!

- Nicole, Texas

  {Budget: $25k or less)


 "It's nice to feel like this is my personal planner."

Not only is Perfect Little Planner easy to use and highly effective, it's reassuring. Also, as a black woman, it's nice to feel like this is MY personal planner. The inspiration pictures in each week of the book are, mostly, decor based which makes me feel like I am planning MY wedding - NOT the wedding of the blonde blue eyed women who seem to be on every page of most other books! Thank you PLP!. 

- Shea, Connecticut 

  {Budget: $35K or less}



'PLP gets the job done with individuality & efficiency.'


The gay wedding books never fit our vision, the typical Martha Stewart type books made us feel like we were planning another couple's wedding - Perfect Little Planner is really how it's described - tactical! This book doesn't wax poetic over simple things, or solely rely on pictures - it's a planner, and it really fulfills its purpose. Perfect Little Planner get's the job done with individuality, efficiency and beauty.

- Mark, Arkansas

  {Budget: $15k or less}