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Re-create Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding for 1 tenth of 1%

#1 Wedding Planning Series, Perfect Little Planner breaks down the costs so you can achieve the

$45,794,038.00 Royal Wedding for less than $5000

The royal wedding of H.R.H. Prince Harry to American actress and activist, Meghan Markle captivated the world. The #1 Amazon Wedding Planning Series, Perfect Little Planner breaks down the necessary facets of the wedding so couples can achieve a royal wedding - on a regular budget.

“Meghan Markle is an untraditional woman and therefore, what would be considered, an Edgy bride who had a Rustic wedding.” says Arielle Link, creator of the Perfect Little Planner wedding series which features themes Edgy, Romantic, and Rustic. “Like Meghan, the wedding can’t be defined by one thing or theme – she embraced all three wedding themes, just as she embraces diversity in her life. She isn’t defined by her career, activism, gender, or race – so don’t expect her to be defined by her new title, H.R.H. the Duchess Meghan of Sussex. Meghan will be the edgy royal gently moving the family forward.”

Here are the thematic, and cost saving, take-away’s couples should be focusing on:

Gown: The Givenchy gown was not as Edgy as most people expected, but it was jaw-droppingly beautiful and will be copied ad nauseam. All the Romantic drama came from that gorgeous cathedral length veil. A more approachable translation of this gown is the Rosa Clara “Denise” gown, with embellishments around the waist - as most brides won’t have access to the crown jewels. Similar styles to this can be found on Tradesy for under $600.00 - pair with the Train for Days Cathedral Veil from Dusty Rose, $57.

Rings: Simple gold band for Meghan and platinum band for Harry. Blue Nile, $827 for both.

Flowers: The Rustic bouquet included flowers hand-picked by Harry which the florist incorporated into the simple loose bouquet, which featured Scented Sweet Pea, Lilly of the Valley, Jasmine, and the traditional royal myrtle for good luck in love. The chapel was not enveloped in flowers, instead they used walls and arches of ivy - which can be rented from garden centers, or even purchased in silk online. Bouquet and walls of Ivy and flowers from garden centers $500.00. Online purchase in silk, less than $100.

Luncheon: Another Rustic element. The hors d’oeuvres served at the cocktail luncheon, hosted by the Queen, will feature ingredients from the Queens gardens at Windsor. Probably not the Queens concern, but a cocktail reception is a great way to save money. Serving passed hors d’oeuvres significantly reduces the rental costs. This idea, featured in the Perfect Little Planner series, can be achieved by using high quality frozen hors d’oeuvres from places like Trader Joe’s and Saffron Road, include some homemade cold hors like bruschetta, and cucumber sandwiches and your guests won’t know it isn’t formally catered. Even if you used a caterer for a 4-hour reception, you can stay on budget. It is a celebration so skip champagne and choose La Marca prosecco.

Food: $2020 including catered hors, staff, and rentals. If using frozen with some fresh – including staff, and rentals: $940.

Beverage: $1086.78 including prosecco, white wine or rose, San Pellegrino, ice, staff, and crystal rentals

Cake: Other than the gown, the cake is the most defining element of a wedding and theirs was homemade – kind of. Meghan selected London’s Violet Bakery because the owner, Claire Ptak was born in Los Angeles, like Meghan. There’s nothing stopping you from having a home-made cake, garnish with fresh flowers which is both Rustic and Romantic – present in an Edgy fashion, ala Meghan and Harry, on alternate height cake stands. Even if you select a bakery, a wedding cake for 60 guests can be had for $345, cake stands from Wayfair $93.99, flowers for decorations, $30.


Dress: $600

Veil: $57    

Rings: $827

Florals: $400 (less if using silk)

Cake: $345 (less if homemade)

Food: $1620 (less if using prepared items)

Beverage: $1087

Staff: $400 (optional)


Rustic: The bouquet; Floral and greenery décor; Luncheon menu featuring menu items from the Queens gardens; Wedding cake with elderflower liquor from the royal estate Sandringham; Outdoor reception.

Edgy: Wedding on a Saturday; Slimmer silhouette gown; Walking alone; Elderflower cake instead of royal tradition of fruitcake; Cake presented on separate stands; Interfaith style service.  

Romantic: Cathedral length veil; Classic wedding rings; Horse drawn carriage.

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