Introducing.....PLP: Beachy
The Definitive Planner for Beach and Destination Weddings
Perfect Little Planner: Beachy to the rescue - the #1 Amazon best-selling wedding planning series tackles Beach and Destination weddings, providing cost saving secrets so that you can have the wedding of your dreams on your budget - anywhere you want! 
Beach weddings are among the most desired of all wedding themes however, only 16% of all couples have one - the reason? they are hard to pull off cost-effectively. PLP: Beachy takes the guess work out of these often challenging weddings - no overwhelming information,just what you need in an efficiently designed format enabling you to act decisively. 
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These are the things you need to consider when contemplating a beach or destination wedding:

Decide if you want your reception inside or out.


If inside, determine location and gauge how many guests can be comfortably seated at tables within the location – leaving room for guest flow, chairs being shuffled, serving tables, dance floor, and the like. As well, is there easy outdoor access?


God forbid it rains, make sure the enclosed area is watertight, i.e. not a latticed patio. 


Will it be hot, or the air still? Do you need to rent fans, or air conditioning?


If outside, check the weather for the wedding week in the Farmer’s Almanac. You don’t want rain on the day or, equally important, in the days ahead as the sand can get muddy.


Determine location, determine if you can use it - and if it requires any permits for use, serving alcohol, using glass, china, or crystal, and playing amplified music. 


How many hours can you use the location?


Is the location available to receive the rentals the day ahead and picked up the day after? Is there a fee for that?


Are these locations close to conveniences… bathrooms, parking, running water and power for catering, music, and décor needs?


Is the location easy to find? Sometimes beaches are hidden, and the spot you choose unique. If so, this gives you the opportunity to make signs – think beach flags, not paper.


Provide sunscreen and repellent – you can make cute labels to personalize them and make them more attractive. 


Work with stationer or online to create a save the date, invitation, or other paper needs that complement the theme. Get creative – use pastels and natural fibers. 


Are there architectural or natural landscape elements (dunes, rock formations, or  a pavillion) that can anchor the space and reduce and/or inspire décor?


Is there an area for kids to play, or can one be created?


Is there an area for beach games for guests?